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Welcome to Motor Club of America Wiki, MCA or Motor Club of America is a roadside assistance membership service that includes national travel benefits, exclusive medical & leisure discounts, and roadside assistance coverage. Motorist have the chance to have direct access to unlimited roadside service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week after they’ve joined as a monthly subscribed member. Like several other Motor Clubs, it’s stated that, “Road Protection has always been the best option for automobile owners. Obtaining that piece-of-mind will ensure if anything may go wrong during the time you travel such as flat tire, lost keys, engine goes down, need gasoline, or if the car battery dies.” Here is how it work: Vehicle owners connect with a nearby sales agent in their area or online whom is selling the flagship policies and the representative will relay detail facts about the memberships. After the motorist have chosen a package the sales agent will have them written up for the policy. The Motor Club of America BBB rating is a -B with 5 positive responses from consumers.


MCA 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Includes:


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  • Towing Service

    Towing cost you a lot of out-of-pocket cash. With our towing service feature within your fingertips you don’t have to pay a dime as long as the drive from the incident and destination is within a 100 mile radius. Under our watch, a local towing professional will be sent to your immediate location of the breakdown.

  • Gas Delivery Service

    No one anticipates on running out of gas bit these type of things happen, unfortunately. We connect you with your local automobile help service provider to send emergency assistance in no time. We’ll have gas in your tank under 30 minutes after reporting the incident.

  • Lockout Technician Service

    In a rush and forgot to take the car keys out of ignition before locking the door, did you accidentally leave the keys on the seat before locking the car down. We have you covered! Immediately after reporting the incident we’ll have a pop-a-lock service provider sent to your location.

  • Mobile Tire Service

    A flat tire comes once in a new season for several people. Construction materials crowd the streets everyday without you even knowing until the flattening of your tire is the result of this cause. Once you make a call to the MCA roadside assistance, we’d send out a local mobile tire service to replace it with the spare you provide.

  • Batter Boost Service

    So you left the headlights on overnight or the inside hover lights were accidentally left on, leaving the car battery the victim, leaving you the victim of getting stranded. It’s tough depending on incomers to get a battery jump start from. If you are a member of our club, we’ll send out a local auto help dealer your way, free of no-charge.

  • Benefits & Exclusive Discounts

    Along with your emergency roadside assistance care Motor Club of America has developed a huge range of discounts and benefits in health/leisure for you to enjoy. You can save up to 65% on medications, and up to 50% on hotels and car rentals. If you haven’t already check out these great editions by clicking here.


    MCA Benefits & Discounts


    1. Hospital Benefit – up to $150 a day if time is missed at work due to time spent recovering in hospital.
    2. Arrest Bond – up to $500 in case arrested for a traffic violation (amount is varied in some states, and some do not accept this certificate).
    3. Bail Bonds – Bail bonds up to $25,000 to be released from jail if charged with a moving violation such as manslaughter or auto related homicide.
    4. Stolen Vehicle Reward – MCA will pay up to $6,000 to law enforcement agency or individual who provide information that leads to an arrest and conviction of your stolen vehicle. You, family members and friends are not eligible.
    5. Credit Card Protection – MCA reimburse you for financial loss when your credit card has been stolen, up to $50 for each card registered in our system at that given time. You can have up to %1,000 worth of cards covered under our umbrella.
    6. Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental – You received a unique membership card allowing you to receive up to a 65% discount on prescriptions, up to a 50% discount on vision, and up to a 50% discount on dental procedures.
    7. More benefits and discounts included, click here

    Motor Club of America Referral Program

    MCA offers an referral program to join so that every new person brought into the company personally by you as a user, you’d generate a decent 200% commission. The company pays the sales associate $80 per membership sold. There are no limit or quota to how many MCA packages that must sold per week, one sale is good enough to receive a direct deposit into your bank account the following Friday. Sales agents are paid every Friday for the direct sales made. TVC Marketing provides each sales agent an website and tools that introduces each lead you generate to the MCA benefits, emergency road service, and exclusive discounts. Interested in becoming a sales associate? Check out the compensation below and contact me once you are ready to start.

    mca referral program

    Are you ready to join TVC Marketing through our genuine website to begin enjoying the benefits of running your own Motor Club of America business and start earning a living from home or to utilize the benefits from a company that has created a service that have your interest in mind. The beauty of this situation is you can obtain service and become a sales agent today. Just contact me, Jermaine, your sales agent and sponsor by clicking here. I’ll get back in contact with you in less than 24 hours after receiving your response. You can also check out the TVC MCA Motor Club website called http://www.tvcmcamotorclub.com/ to reach tvcmatrix.


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